What does it mean to live with lucidity?

Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Living is a comprehensive system of bringing lucidity into all aspects of life, both while dreaming and awake.

Through this system you will learn to:

  • Study the nuanced differences between dreaming and waking states
  • Trust your own inner guidance rather than depending on outside opinions
  • Do not fear when the shadow presents itself in the form of nightmares or challenging waking reality situations
  • Know how to enter altered & intuitive states of consciousness
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Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Living Oracle Deck


The Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Living Oracle will allow the dreamer to fully explore fantastic sensory and emotional experiences through the combination of an engaging text and strong, visually compelling illustrations. Dreamers will learn how to navigate through various states of consciousness with lucidity. Whether you are an experienced lucid dreamer or just beginning your journey, each card in the deck provides you with valuable tools to navigate the dream worlds as well as powerful answers to daily life dilemmas.

If you feel unable to fully connect with your inner guidance, understand your dreamtime experiences, and are seeking a next-level tool to heal your inner wounds and unlock your fullest potential, then this deck is for you.

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Advanced Master Class

Learn lucid dreaming skills that enhance your ability to travel through the Dreamtime consciously.

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The Different Realms of Lucidity -

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is another state of consciousness, beyond the usual dreaming state where you are able to sustain waking consciousness within the Dreamtime.

Trance Journey

Learn the powerful ancient technique of trance state journeying using drumming and a specific journey template to get in touch with the Dreamtime from a waking state.


With Out of Body Experiences you learn how to consciously leave your body, not from a trauma reaction, but grounded in a deep presence and stability.

Lucid Living

Learn specific mindful awareness techniques to practice in your waking day, to train yourself for navigating altered states in the Dreamtime as well as live a more present life.

Lucid dreaming is a tool set to which everyone has access. Once one is trained properly in lucid dreaming, the potential of living an empowered life expands tenfold. 

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Unlock the Secrets of your Subconcious

What is Lucid Dreaming?

It is coming into conscious awareness during the dream state. A lucid dream occurs when a person is asleep but becomes aware that they are dreaming. In this lucid dream state, a person can turn toward their fears and take control of their dream’s narrative.  Lucid dreaming can be a way to vividly explore options in the symbolic realm that one may not be able to do in everyday life, and thereby translate a tremendous sense of personal empowerment into one's waking life.

A big reason why we are passionate about creating this training program is that we have seen that there is a stark lack of information about advanced lucid dreaming and altered states of consciousness out there, we want to change that!

Trained for 25 years with indigenous shamans as well as  academic graduate training in the psychology of religions, somatic trauma healing and Jungian analysis, Norma is a renowned spiritual teacher and therapist. She is a trustworthy guide who brings a high level of expertise to the arena of human transformation.


Nisha is a well known  tech leader in Virtual Reality development and also walks the realm of Lucid Dreams with over a decade of first-hand Lucid Dreaming experience. She has done extensive research into lucid dream states, and thereby infuses her teachings with psycho-navigational information not found elsewhere.